1/2 Landing

1/2 Landing

The KwikStairs straight flight kit will suit any domestic household from 1781mm to 2860mm, whilst making all your treads the same height.


You will need to make your own flat landings!

  • It can be made to any width up to 900 mm
  • Easy to follow instructions and over 60 YouTube videos
  • Everything you need to make the staircase is in the pack
  • You can also add a Bullnose to the bottom tread. By purchasing a KwikStairs bullnose kit
  • You can also add any KwikStairs winder boxes to achieve a single winding staircase
  • If you add two winder boxes you can make a double winding staircase.
  • Any of the KwikStairs winder boxes can go anywhere within the KwikStairs straight flight kit which makes our kits so universal.
  • Comply to UK stair regulations
  • Stress and deflection tested
  • Easy to use templates

£336.19 +VAT

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